Reading Draft White Birch

Reading Draft White Birch



Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Reading, Pennsylvania

Purchase Location: Rocket Fizz

Reading Draft Soda  makes 13 premium reserve sodas, many of which are eligible for review by Root Beer Respect.  In addition to White Birch, I intend on reviewing Reading Draft Root Beer, Birch Beer, Blueberry Birch, Creamy Red Birch, and Sarsaparilla.  With all due respect, I have no interest in Reading Draft Diet Root Beer.  Reading Draft sodas have been handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania since 1921.

White birch beers are something of a new experience for me.  Every brand I have tried has had a strong and fresh wintergreen flavor.  True to form, Reading Draft White Birch has plenty of wintergreen.  It tastes remarkably similar to Wint-O-Green Life Savers.  However, unlike other white birch beers which offer nothing more than wintergreen flavor, Reading Draft White Birch is undergirded by a rich and creamy caramel flavor.  This added dimension makes for a slightly more complex and superior white birch beer.  Although I do not think I would like white birch beer on a daily basis, white birch beer, specifically Reading Draft White Birch, makes a welcome every now and then treat.

Overall Score: 8 of 10.


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