Fitz’s Root Beer

Fitz’s Root Beer

Fitz's 2 Fitz's 1


Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

Bottled at: St. Louis, Missouri

Purchase Location: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Fitz’s Root Beer is made according to its original recipe developed in St. Louis in 1947.  Fitz’s Root Beer was originally sold in a drive-in hamburger stand in the St. Louis suburb of Richmond Heights.  In 1970, the drive-in was shut down and beverage production was discontinued.  In 1993, Fitz’s was resurrected, with the opening of a new restaurant.  Fitz’s purchased an authentic 1940’s bottling line to reproduce its root beer.  The bottling line was refurbished and installed in the restaurant where it is visible from every table on the main floor.  When fully operational, the bottling line can turn out a bottle of soda every second.

Fitz’s has a colorful label.  Both the label and the bottle cap have the same cursive design.  Interestingly, the bottle cap is designed to look like a bottle cap.  It does.   

Fitz’s has a medium-strong root beer bite; a good herbal flavor. Fitz’s also has hint of vanilla which peeks out from it’s dark, rich base. All of these flavors are delivered too your mouth by way of the perfect amount of bubbly carbonation. We should all be grateful that Fitz’s Root Beer has been revived. It is a very worthwhile beverage.

Overall Score: 8 of 10.


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