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Dog n Suds Root Beer

Dog n Suds Root Beer


Website: http://supplies.dog-n-suds.com/page.php?5

Obtained at Raley’s Supermarket

Dog n Suds hearkens back to the days when hamburgers and soda were delivered to your car by rollerskating waiter dogs, as it claims to be “Drive-In Style” root beer.  Those were the days!  Dog n Suds has been making root beer for over 45 years. The brand started as a drive-in  hot dog stand in Michigan.  In their heyday, they grew to over 50 locations in the state of Michigan.  Today, two original locations remain open.

The root beer has a nice bottle, displaying a frosty glass root beer mug and a hot dog being delivered by the aforementioned dog waiter.

The root beer initially has a pleasant, soft vanilla flavor.  Unfortunately that flavor lasts for only a fleeting moment.  Almost instantly, the flavor is gone and you’re left with the flavorless liquid in your mouth.  You think “hey that flavor was kind of good, where did it go?  I want it back.”  But you won’t get it back, not until the next sip, and then it will be immediately gone once again.

 Overall Score: 4 of 10.