Avery’s Root Beer

Avery’s Root Beer


Website: http://www.averysoda.com/

Sweetener: High Fructose Corn Sweetener and Sugar

Bottled at: New Britain, Connecticut

Purchase Location: Rocket Fizz

If you every go to Avery’s Bottling Works, in addition to touring the soda factory, you can invent your own soda in their mixing room.  Whatever soda you invent is likely to be bottled in the same clear glass bottles used for Avery’s Root Beer, with the same simple, blue and white “Always Ask for Avery’s” label.  You may wonder how your new soda concoction is sweetened.  Well, Avery’s website lists pure cane sugar as the sweetening ingredient in its root beer.  However, the ingredient list on the root beer bottle cap  identifies sweeteners “high fructose corn sweetener and sugar.”  So there is no telling how your special Avery’s soda may be sweetened.

As for Avery’s Root Beer, it is a middle of the road root beer.  Nothing about the soda is outstanding, but it does just enough to get the job done.  It has very little carbonation and has a syrupy sweetness.  Its flavor is mild and creamy with a hint of honey.  A soda like this is nothing to write home about, but is certainly worth drinking.

Overall Score: 6 of 10.


2 thoughts on “Avery’s Root Beer

  1. Ride or write home about. I need great carbonated soda added to flavor. Now that I’ve got the “sugar”, my love for tasting RB is over. 😩

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