Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla

Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla


Website: http://rocketfizz.com/

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Camarillo, California

Purchase Location: Rocket Fizz

Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla is one of several root sodas made by the gourmet soda pop and candy shop mega-store Rocket Fizz.  Its label shows a closeup head shot of a young boy (Tyler the Kid) in one of those old time wild west pictures tourists get in a Virginia City saloon.  Putting the picture of a little boy on the label did not give me much confidence that Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla would be a hit.  I figured this cutesy label was covering up a shoddy soda.  That wasn’t the case.

Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla has a thick head.  It also has a decent root flavor.  Regrettably, I was distracted from the flavor by an apparent lack of carbonation.  The soda was carbonated, and I could detect carbonation as it went down my throat, but on my tongue this sarsaparilla was flat.  As a result, Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla tasted syrupy, which diverted my attention from the base flavor of the soda.  I do think if this soda had danced on my tongue a little, it would have been quite good.  Either way, it was better than expected.

Overall Score: 6 of 10.


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