Reading Draft Sarsaparilla

Reading Draft Sarsaparilla



Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Reading, Pennsylvania

Purchase Location: Rocket Fizz

Reading Draft Sarsaparilla, like all Reading Draft sodas, is triple filtered to remove sediment and double carbon filtered to provide the purest taste.  That means Reading Draft Sarsaparilla is quintuple filtered.  All this is to say that Reading Draft strives for quality.

Unfortunately, despite the quintuple filtering, Reading Draft Sarsaparilla misses the mark.  This soda does not have a traditional sarsaparilla flavor.  Instead of a hearty root flavor, Reading Draft Sarsaparilla tastes like creamy syrup that is slightly off.  This is one drink you can feel comfortable skipping.

Overall Score: 3 of 10.


One thought on “Reading Draft Sarsaparilla

  1. You need to let them know that they are wasting their money.

    Bummer. I like everyones to be a winner.

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