Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Thomas Kemper Root Beer



Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Portland, Oregon

Purchase Location: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Root beer was the first soda flavor created by the Thomas Kemper Soda Company.  It was introduced at an Oktoberfest celebration in 1990.  This relative newcomer to the gourmet root beer scene was reformulated in 2008 to include pure cane sugar in place of high fructose corn syrup. Impressively, in 1996 prior to the root beer reformulation, Thomas Kemper Root Beer made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world’s largest root beer float, a 2,166.5 gallon float.

Thomas Kemper is a model of a simple, but quality root beer label.  There is not one specific reason the label works, but the color combination, the banner emblazoned with the name Thomas Kemper, and the general design just work together.  The highlight of the bottle is its cap, which displays a honey bee from which Thomas Kemper acquires its pure Northwest honey.

Thomas Kemper Root Beer has a light and fresh feel.  There is a slight root beer bite, as well as caramel and honey tones.  Thomas Kemper Root Beer is also sweet.  However, its sweetness and flavor combination do not result in a heavy root beer.  Rather, like I said, it is tasty light and fresh root beer.

Overall Score: 7 of 10.


One thought on “Thomas Kemper Root Beer

  1. It sounds intriguing. I am wondering though how some can join the root beer family in the 90’s. Really! Thats like big time cheating.

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