Squamscot Birch Beer

Squamscot Birch Beer

IMG_0931 IMG_0932

Website: http://www.nhsoda.com/

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Newfields, New Hampshire

Purchase Location: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Fun fact about Squamscot Birch Beer, of the 22 Squamscot soda flavors, Squamscot Birch Beer is first alphabetically.   Squamscot’s website refers to its birch beer as “[a] spin off of Root Beer, (an old timer’s drink).”  The birch beer used for this review, like the root beer used in my Squamscot Root Beer review, comes from the 151st anniversary collection of Squamscot.

The first ingredient listed on Squamscot Birch Beer’s label is “lightly carbonated water.” Squamscot Birch Beer is lightly carbonated.  Too lightly carbonated.  It also has a strong wintergreen smell.  Although the drink also tastes of wintergreen, the wintergreen flavor is mild compared to the smell.  Squamscot Birch Beer also has a slightly bitter birch flavor.  However, both the birch flavor and the wintergreen take a back seat to the predominant flavor, or lack of flavor.  As odd as it may sound, Squamscot Birch Beer tastes mostly like freshness.  Sure, wintergreen can taste fresh, but this did not taste like wintergreen freshness.  Rather, it tasted strongly of simple freshness, with a little wintergreen mixed in.  Although there is nothing wrong with freshness, other flavors make better tasting soda.

Overall Score: 6 of 10.


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