The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer



Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Purchase Location: World Market

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer is my first soda brought to us from our good friend from the north, Canada.  The Pop Shoppe began selling soda from London, Ontario, Canada in 1969.  A circular sticker on the neck of its root beer announces, “Canada’s Original Since 1969.”  I do not know what “Canada’s Original” means, as I would be very surprised if 1969 was the first year that root beer was ever produced in Canada.  Nevertheless, when The Pop Shoppe began, it avoided using traditional retail channels, opting instead for selling its soda through franchised outlets and its own stores in refillable bottles.

Before long, The Pop Shoppe was selling 30 different sodas throughout Canada and 12 flavors in the United States.  Unfortunately, The Pop Shoppe’s sales soon came crashing back to earth, and by 1983 the company ceased operations.  21 years later, The Pop Shop was brought back to life, this time using traditional retail distribution.  All of this information is available at, a website which is unnecessarily frustrating.  To get the whole history summarized above, you have to click on to 32 pages.  Unless you have a lot of free time, I suggest you just trust my summary rather than reading it for yourself on The Pop Shoppe site.

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer has a kiddie feel to it, complete with a smiling anthropomorphic root beer mug.  A playful, childlike appearance is not a bad thing for a root beer.  Another positive for The Pop Shoppe Root Beer is its head.  It is full, frothy, and substantial.  One of the best I have encountered.  Unfortunately, that is where the positive attributes end.  It has been some time since I have had a bad root beer.  This is a bad root beer.  I had trouble convincing my daughters to have more than one sip.  It is a yeasty mess.  It was not so terrible that I could not drink it.  I mean, it did not burn my throat or taste like gasoline, it just was not very good.  All I can say is that it tasted like slightly root beer flavored liquid yeast.  You want some?

Overall Score: 3 of 10.


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