Berghoff Root Beer

Berghoff Root Beer

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Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Monroe, Wisconsin

Purchase Location: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Long before there was a Berghoff Root Beer there was Berghoff Beer.  It was initially brewed in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1887 by four German immigrant brothers.  Several Years later, Berghoff Beer was sold at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, thereby expanding its market.  During World War I, as anti German sentiment grew in the U.S., the brothers wisely changed their company slogan from “A Real German Brew” to “A Real Honest Brew.”  Their honest brew was shelved for a time during prohibition.  During prohibition, Berghoff began offering a draft style soft drink known as “Bergo,” which tasted similar to root beer.  After the repeal of prohibition, Berghoff stopped making Bergo, but introduced Berghoff Root Beer in its place.

Berghoff Root Beer hits you right out of the gate with an blast of carbonation.  As the carbonation settles, a series of flavors manifest themselves.  The first is an herbal root flavor.  That is followed by a blend of flavors that are difficult to individually identify.   Somewhere in the middle of this jumble of flavors is a somewhat metallic flavor.  Not a terrible, ruin the soda metallic flavor, but a still a flavor I could do without.  Finally, Berghoff Root Beer ends on much more pleasant sweet caramel note.   Berghoff has high points and low points, making it a middle of the road root beer.

Overall Score: 6 of 10.


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