News – Remembering A-Treat Soda

Remembering A-Treat Soda

In January of this year, I was saddened to hear that A-Treat Soda, the nearly 100 year old bottler of root beer, sarsaparilla, and birch beer out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, had gone out of business before I was able to permit its carbonated goodness to pass over my lips.  From what I understand, A-Treat had not distributed their soda in glass bottles for some time, but I still would have enjoyed tasting it.  Recently, however, hope that A-Treat will survive, has returned.  The Morning Call reports that  A-Treat “has fielded ‘bona fide offers’ from at least 10 parties interested in purchasing it.”

While the world waits to see if A-Treat will be restored, The Morning Call has collected a series of tributes, nostalgic memories about days past, spent enjoying A-Treat sodas.  Read the full story here.


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