Bulldog Root Beer

Bulldog Root Beer

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Website: http://www.bulldogrootbeer.com/

Sweetener: Cane Sugar, Honey

Bottled at: Mukilteo, Washington

Purchase Location: Galco’s Old World Grocery (also widely available at World Market)

The world owes a great debt to Orca Beverage Soda Works.  We have mentioned Orca before.  They manufacturer and bottle specialty and retro soda beverages, including several root beer sodas.  They have brought back to life sodas which had not been produced for years.  Bulldog Root Beer was not brought back to life by Orca, but was given life in 1997 when it when it was created.  According to the Bulldog website, it took only 9 test batches to develop the recipe for Bulldog.  They developed a winner

Bulldog’s slogan is “Unleash the Taste.”  This slogan, combined with the name Bulldog and the picture of two powerful, although seemingly friendly, bulldogs on its label led me to believe that this root beer would be a powerful, strong, rip-your-throat-out root beer.  I know people love bulldogs, but when I think of bulldogs or hear, “he’s a bulldog,” I conjure an image of the rough, the tough, and the cut throat.  The name and mascot are fine, but to me the image created by the word bulldog do not at all describe the character of this root beer.  It won’t rip your throat out, but it may disable you with its silky goodness.

Bulldog Root Beer is light on carbonation.  It has a velvety smooth root beer flavor.  Although Bulldog uses real vanilla, which I assume adds to the creamy smoothness of the root beer, it did not taste like vanilla.  Instead, the star of this root beer is the honey.  The honey provides the perfect sweetness and perfect compliment to the root beer.  It is as if the honey root beer fluid envelopes your tongue in absolute goodness.  There is no doubt about it, this is a top root beer contender.

Overall Score: 9 of 10.


2 thoughts on “Bulldog Root Beer

  1. I’m a “newbie” when it comes to root beer. I’m up to 68 different flavors/brands at this point. Bulldog is the one I’ve liked the best. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.


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