Dang! That’s Good Root Beer

Dang! That’s Good Root Beer

IMG_0110 IMG_0114

Website: http://www.imperialflavors.com/products/dang-that-s-good

Sweetener: Sugar

Bottled at: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Purchase Location: World Market

I am not entirely sure whether the name of this root beer is Dang! That’s Good Root Beer, or simply Dang! Root Beer, about which the drinker of said root beer has declared, “That’s Good.”   Either way, it’s not often that you find a product with an exclamation point in the middle of it’s name.  I imagine Elaine from Seinfeld would be pleased at the use of the oft overlooked exclamation point.

Although this root beer self-proclaims its goodness, it rightfully makes no claims as to the excellence of its label design.  It is pretty boring, exclamation point notwithstanding.  Perhaps the company has such confidence in its root beer that they do not want any other sense distracting from the taste experience.

Apparently, previous iterations of this soda used high fructose corn syrup.  The soda I drank for this review was made with sugar.  Dang! has a decent level of  sweetness, and is a fairly straight forward root beer.  It has a somewhat herbal flavor, but not a strong bite.  It is a good middle of the road root beer that would likely be enjoyed by everyone in a given group.  Is it good?  Absolutely!  Is it Dang! good?  I wouldn’t go that far.

Overall Score: 6 of 10.


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