Sioux City Birch Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer 1 Sioux City Birch Beer 2


Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Whitestone, New York

Purchase Location: Total Wine & More

What better way to start 2015 than with a review of Sioux City Birch Beer?  Sioux City is one of those soda producers which is kind enough to make each class of soda reviewed by Root Beer Respect; root beer, sarsaparilla, and birch beer.  Sioux City Birch Beer follows the mold of other Sioux City sodas by depicting a nineteenth century man engaged in some kind of nineteenth century act on its bottle.  This soda shows a sabre wielding man, perhaps a military man, atop a horse and ready to attack Indians, or criminals, or perhaps just anyone who would get in the way of him enjoying some good birch beer.  This illustration set in green pops out against the cough drop red background of the soda contained in the clear glass bottle.  Sadly, when all of the soda has been consumed, and there is no dark red background, the illustration is difficult to decipher.  As a result, I recommend that as soon as you finish a Sioux City Birch Beer, you replace it with a brand new bottle.

Replenishing one’s Sioux City Birch Beer stash in this part of the country where birch beer is not very prevalent is much easier with Sioux City Birch Beer than with other birch beers due to Sioux City’s broad distribution and availability in many locations.  For that I am grateful.  Although Sioux City Birch Beer is quite sugary, it has a wonderful rich and creamy quality.  It also contains a slight mint flavor.  Sioux City is not only quite a good birch beer, but is also a quality soda in general.

Overall Score: 8 of 10.


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