Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

P_20141018_175355 P_20141018_175405


Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Mukilteo, Washington

Purchase Location: World Market

Anchor Ginger Root Beer is one of the many retro root beer offerings of the excellent provider of delicious carbonated beverages, Orca Beverage Soda Works.  With its seafaring theme,  Anchor Ginger Root Beer is dedicated “to all the Sea Dogs and Scallywags looking for adventure on the high seas.”  The sea dog and scallywag market is not very large, so I am sure Orca appreciates land dwellers purchasing this root beer as well.  I could not find anything about the history of the root beer, so we’ll get right to the review.

I was intrigued by this, the first ginger root beer I have come across, but I was also slightly afraid.  I have had ginger beer so powerful and overwhelming it is painful to drink.  My fear was that the ginger flavor would overpower the root beer.  My fear was completely unfounded.  The ginger flavor is not at all overwhelming.  Rather, it serves as a soothing wintergreen-like background complimenting the root beer.  I would describe the root beer taste as dark creamy.  Not a light vanilla creamy, but a smooth, rich and full creamy.  Perhaps my favorite characteristic of  Anchor Ginger Root Beer is its staying power.  Its flavor does not  quickly dissipate, but pleasantly lingers a while, reminding you of very satisfying sip of root beer you have just experienced.  I definitely recommend it.

Overall Score: 8 of 10.


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