IBC Root Beer

IBC Root Beer


Website: http://www.ibcrootbeer.com/

Sweetener: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Bottled at: Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Purchase Location: Total Wine & More

During Prohibition, as many people searched to fill the void left by their inability to imbibe, many root beers came into prominence.  One of those root beers is the well-known IBC Root Beer.  IBC began in St. Louis, Missouri in 1919 under the Independent Breweries Company.  The Independent Breweries Company did not last long, but it sold its trademark, and distribution of IBC Root Beer began to expand.  The IBC trademark has been sold several times since.  After being sold to Taylor Beverages, which was sold to the Seven-Up Company, which then merged with Dr Pepper in 1986, IBC became nationally distributed.

My IBC Root Beer came in the typical dark brown embossed bottle.  On the one hand, the bottle gives IBC some serious legitimacy.  It looks like it came straight out of an 1850’s saloon, before color label technology was available on glass bottles.  On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to read anything on the bottle, including the name of the root beer until after you have consumed the contents of the bottle.

IBC is one of the most recognizable bottled root beers thanks to its Seven-Up/Dr Pepper/Snapple affiliation, its broad distribution, and its solid flavor.  IBC is a classic tasting root beer.  If you imagine a cold root beer on a hot summer day, you may be conjuring up the smooth, rooty flavor of IBC.  There are no strong extraneous flavors, just a good traditional root beer.  Also worth noting, I found the carbonation of IBC to be spot on.  Thank you Prohibition.

Overall Score: 7 of 10.


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