Old Town Rootbeer Company Sarsparilla (Sarsaparilla)

Old Town Rootbeer Company Sarsparilla (Sarsaparilla)


Website: http://www.oldtownrootbeer.net/

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Bottled at: Temecula, California

Purchase Location: World Market

Old Town Rootbeer Company has a store in Temecula, California where they sell over 500 kinds of soda in glass bottles.  It prides itself on carrying over 100 choices of root beer.  Several of those root beer choices would not exist if Old Town Rootbeer did bless the world with several of its own root beer offerings.  One of those sodas, and the first Old Town Rootbeer Company soda to be reviewed by me is Old Town Rootbeer Company Sarsparilla.  To start this review, I must admit that I do not know if the Old Town Rootbeer Company people are efficient rebels or just bad spellers.  Sarsaparilla is the traditional way to spell, well, sarsaparilla.  However, it is an odd spelling.  I know of no human who pronounces it that way.  Maybe Old Town Rootbeer Company is trying to make sense of the spelling of the word.  On the other hand, although the spelling sarsparilla is closer the way the word is commonly pronounced, I do not think anyone pronounces it that way either.  Upon further reflection, I think it may just be a misspelling.  After all, the label on the bottle refers you to http://www.oldtownrootbeer.com, which is not their website, instead of their actual website http://www.oldtownrootbeer.net The domain http://www.oldtownrootbeer.com is for sale.  Any takers?  Well, enough of this, let’s get to the review.

Old Town Rootbeer Company Sarsparilla has a simple, homemade looking label showing a very frothy root beer mug.  Nothing special there.  The label states “Premium Vanilla Cream made with only the FINEST Ingredients.”  Old Town is not lying about the vanilla creaminess of this soda.  There is an abundance of it.  In fact, it is so creamy that I thought to myself, “this is not root beer, it’s cream soda.”  I don’t know exactly where the line between root beer and cream soda lies, but if this soda claims to be sarsaparilla (I suppose it really only claims to be sarsparilla), I will take its word for it.  Let’s be clear, the soda tastes very good, and the creamy vanilla is quite pleasant.  Toward the end of the taste experience, the vanilla gives way to a wintergreen taste which is also pleasant.

In the end, whether it is sarsaparilla, sarsparilla, or cream soda, Old Town Rootbeer Company Sarsparilla is worth a try, especially if you like vanilla.

Overall Score: 7 of 10.


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