Tommyknockers Root Beer

Tommyknockers Root Beer



Sweetener: Cane Sugar, Aged Organic Vanilla, and Pure Maple Syrup

Bottled at: Idaho Springs, Colorado

Purchase Location: Total Wine & More

Tommyknockers comes to us from the small mining town (pop. 1,717 as of the 2010 census) of Idaho Springs Colorado.   Tommyknocker Brewing was established 1859 to cater to miners during the Colorado gold rush, and has since continuously produced its root beer.  This brand represents a cool aspect of the gourmet root beer market, that a small, regional brewer can thrive making and distributing its unique soda across the country.  The name Tommyknockers comes from a mythical elf-like creature who was said to live in the cracks of mines and show minors were they could find gold deposits.
Tommyknockers’ bottle depicts an aged and bearded Colorado minor holding a frosty mug of root beer.  The label boasts of its creation date of 1859 and tells the myth of the Tommyknocker.
Tommyknockers is made from all natural indredients and contains no GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  The root beer has a dark, rich flavor with a very discernable maple savor.  There is a lot going on with the blending of different flavors, resulting in a pleasant overall root beer.  It is not my favorite taste, but it is good.  I must say that I respect the uniqueness of this root beer and I enjoy the distinctive play between the cane sugar, vanilla, and maple syrup flavors.  The world is a better place thanks to the existence of this root beer and I am a more experienced, well rounded, and overall better person for having tasted it.  Give it a try if you want a one of a kind experience.
Overall Score: 6 of 10. 

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